Senior Citizens: Needs, Priorities & Solutions

“Imagine if you are an older person sitting on the couch, slowly staring at the smartphone and thinking about what are the major mistakes you've done in the past or recalling turning points in your life etc.” Often we do not realize it until we face it by self or see a loved one struggling with a problem, but as a society, we can do more to make life easier for our aging family members.


Yes, being able to reach old age is something to be thankful for the person, but there are several challenges faced by the older people, which we all need to pay more attention to. It's important to recognize and address these challenges. I'm trying to outline a few of things here — how we can support them that enable them to spend their golden years gracefully. 

1) Wealth = (( Respect ))

In the practical life, all you need to do is to maintain your health, wealth, and behavior, then remaining things will be automatically aligned for you in the ways you always prefer it. But, the traditional mindset and sense of ownership over inherited wealth and properties typically creates conflict in between two generations and leads to bad treatment of aged people. To fill the gap, senior citizens should be provided community-based guidance and professional services like ODFC Wealth so that we can help them to maintain a sense of self-esteem and purpose in life. Learn more about it at:

2) Finance = (( Comfort ))

The world of retirement has not evolved at the same pace. Many elderly people are willing to work in post retirement age, but the opportunities are not there, or they feel outdated due to slow adoption of new things like using smartphone etc. Hence, learning and taking the right step for retirement planning is equally important in life. You can find more about it at retirement planning website of the ODFC:👇

3) Social Security = (( Stability ))

The concept of family based social security has been widely influenced with new digital age. We follow the cultural template of life (which are the adherence to our religious beliefs) and assume that we will be treated better in old age. But it doesn't always happen. Moreover, we can see many visible economic divides in terms of social security not just in cities but also in semi-urban and rural areas – a) marginalized vs. isolated; b) employed vs. jobseeker; c) Govt. pensioners vs. non-pensioners; d) enjoying family support vs. living without family support; e) financially well-off vs. insecure; f) physically fit vs. differently-abled; g) dependent vs. independent; h) no assets' ownership vs. owner of inherited wealth.

4) Legal Rights = (( Obligations ))

- Under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code of India (CrPC), the elder parents can claim maintenance from their children.

- The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act (2007)—seeks to make it legal for the children or heirs to maintain their parents or senior citizens of the family. 

- Section 20 of the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act (1956) makes it obligatory provisions to maintain aged parents.

5) Healthcare Bill = (( Insurance Coverage ))

As you may have heard, 'Health is real wealth', so it should be your priority to maintain it. The quality healthcare services are not easily accessible even in cities. Unlike the United States of America (USA), we don't have a mandatory health insurance system in India. Most of old people are badly affected by the rising prices, especially for those struggling with long-term medical conditions. So, proper insurance coverage is a good idea. ODFC Insurance Experts may help you to review your insurance coverage and help you to get the suitable policies.

6) ODFC Senior Citizens Community -

When you feel down, then your community keep you going and makes you fit. Therefore, regardless of your age band, you must be part of the community. Investment of your time with your friends and new connections pays you back in terms of your mental well-being. We have an initiative to build the ODFC Senior Citizens Community. Membership is open and 100% free. Please, find more about it on the website: or simply search about it.

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P.S. This article was recently published in local newspaper by our founder.

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